Steve Wynne, standing at the nose of an Airshare Phenom 300 in front of a city skyline.

We sat down with one of our amazing pilots, Steve Wynne, to ask him why he chose Airshare. Read on to see why he decided to call Airshare home.

I got my start in aviation at Fort Leonard Wood, MO and have been flying for about ten years. After serving in the Army for seven years, I decided to make a full career change to be a professional pilot. I became a flight instructor and had a fantastic time teaching as a CFI-I-MEI. I was also working full time as a pilot instructor at Garmin. I heard about Airshare early in my instrument flight training by taking a checkride with a DPE that was an Airshare PIC. It quickly became clear that Airshare was the place for me when I made my hours to move to a jet. I wanted to fly an airplane with Garmin avionics for a local company integral to Kansas City business. I have now been an SIC at Airshare for over a year and fly a Phenom 300 jet. The family atmosphere of the company and their great reputation were very appealing to me. I’m glad it worked out for me to be on staff, and I cannot see myself doing anything else. Flying for Airshare has also given me more free time to spend traveling with my wife and daughter, while continuing my role as a flight instructor and enjoying hobbies such as leather carving.